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Basilica di San Pietro


Piazza San Pietro - Tel. 0669883731.

Opening Hours: 7am-7pm.

Inside you can visit:

• Sacre Grotte Vaticane (Popes’ Graves): entrance from the right transept. Opening Hours:9am-6pm.

• Museo Storico Artistico (Saint Peter’s Treasure):entrance from the left aisle of the Church. Opening Hours:9am-6.30pm. Ticket Price: € 7.

• Cupola: entrance from the main door. Opening Hours:8am-6pm. Ticket Price: € 7 taking the elevator (for the first part of the ascent);  € 5 without taking the elevator.

The Basilica of St. Peter’s is the largest of the papal basilicas in Rome. Situated inside the Vatican City, and crowning the monumental St. Peter’s Square, is undoubtedly the symbol and the center of Catholicism in the world.

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Hotel Giolli
Via Nazionale, 69
00184 Roma, Italy
  1.Head southwest on Via Nazionale toward Via Milano
87 m
  2.Turn right onto Via Milano
240 m
  3.Continue onto Traforo Umberto I
250 m
  4.Continue onto Via del Traforo
110 m
  5.Continue onto Via dei Due Macelli
280 m
  6.Turn left onto Piazza di Spagna
28 m
  7.Continue onto Via Frattina
350 m
  8.Turn right onto Via del Corso
110 m
  9.Turn left onto Via Tomacelli
290 m
  10.Continue onto Ponte Cavour
180 m
  11.Continue onto Via Vittoria Colonna
200 m
  12.Turn left onto Piazza Cavour
46 m
  13.Turn right toward Via Crescenzio
10 m
  14.Turn left toward Via Crescenzio
36 m
  15.Turn right toward Via Crescenzio
15 m
  16.Turn left toward Via Crescenzio
25 m
  17.Turn right toward Via Crescenzio
15 m
  18.Turn left toward Via Crescenzio
93 m
  19.Continue straight onto Via Crescenzio
700 m
  20.Turn right onto Via Varrone
85 m
  21.Continue onto Via Silla
350 m
  22.Turn left onto Viale Giulio Cesare
95 m
  23.Turn right onto Via Barletta
20 m
San Pietro Rooms
Viale Giulio Cesare, 62
00192 Roma, Italy

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